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Misc. Interior/Exterior - End of August 2003

Major difference between last series of pixes: added walls for entry closet and bath/kitchen and hung cabinet in bath.
Plus,  I built the brick hearth for woodstove, and the new ladder for the loft.
Notice TV antenna in back yard
 Reception is non-existent, thus, I removed it.
Concrete pier is from old chimney
Stones keep roof water run-off from eroding ground.
Stuff on right is last remaining floor of old building
Temporary location of woodpile.
Unfinished interior. Walking in front door, this is off to your left.
Shows possible stereo/TV location. Window is aftermarket installation. Propane wall space heater will go below window.
South wall.
Immediately to your left when entering cottage.
Close quarters, similar to forepeak of a boat.
Temporary items to determine placement and measurements
Cluttered, yes, but coming together
To loft
Possible arrangement
These might work here
Couch is too big, I think
Nice new Fridge from Home Depot
Composting Toilet
Bedroom, but futon bed is way too big
View from loft
Yard sale desk fits just right