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Took delivery of Camper at 9:45 a.m. on Thursday June 5, 2008
Meunier's Towing Service delivering Bailey

PRIORITY 1:  Attempted to power wash to remove growth on sides of camper, but this method did not work.
Ended up hand scrubbing entire rig using stiff bristled brush and Bon Ami.  This worked quite well.
Right fonrt window showing hard, mold-type growth all over surface of camper.
Front roof line showing growth on  surface.

 Shot includes both pictures above showing results of cleaning.
After  (Click on image to see "Before")

Roof before cleaning
Roof before cleaning
Roof during cleaning
During cleaning
Results of cleaning.
Bailey cleaned up nicely!
PHASE 2: The INSIDE!  6/5/08 - Total time including outside cleaning: 8 hours - $27.24 in cleaning supplies.
I removed everything that wasn't attached or nailed down.
Scraped the ceiling. Repaired all the window latches and brackets and got them working again.
Removed fabric from cushions to see if foam rubber is salvageable. It appears it might be. Will await results of airing and fumigating.
The biggest task was removing the massive amount of mouse infestation, namely the poop, nests, and smell.
The mother-lodes were discovered (typically) under the sink and under the stove in a small, almost hidden slide-out drawer.
The drawer was so packed I had to break it to remove it.
Scrubbed the floor using Simple Green and polished the woodwork.  
There is extensive damage to front of camper behind the front wall.
Most, if not all of this was caused by mice, but some water intrusion occurred due to the broken windows.
Four windows will have to be replaced.
The rear bed platform will have to be rebuilt - basic plywood and hinge construction.
Removed and discarded propane tank and mount to inspect integrity of trailer tow frame.  It appears to be sound but needs paint.
Found the camper's A/C power cord. Plugged in the unit and discovered all (both) lights, switches, and receptacles are working.
Removed license plate assembly which did not appear to be original.
Took down and laundered all the curtains which are in seemingly nice shape. They won't go back in until I'm finished with the interior work.
Lastly, placed an ozone generator inside, left all interior doors and compartments open, placed foam from cushions inside, and left unit to run all night.
(I should mention that I took the Poulard Awning out of its storage bag and it looks as though this accessory has never been used.
The like-new instruction manual was included. Erection of this awning appears to be very cumbersome and tedious..... We'll see.)
The saga continues ====>