This is a series of pictures I took while passing by the cottage.
The two large, square, concrete piers in the front yard are the
remaining foundations of the camp's original chimneys.  Backhoe work!!
Click pixes to enlarge
Click here for me on the front porch........

Looking from uphill, at SE corner.
Well-head - bottom of photo - is edge of property.
Flagpole was salvaged from the Jackson House. Woodpile alongside house.
Stone wall is being built using rocks from lot.
Straight on. Rocker and barrel on porch left. Bench, on porch right.
With all the debris removed, cottage is shaping up.
This is initial view seen when approaching from Woodstock.
Picture of my workshop in backyard.
Apple tree limb on ground.
Look closely for two hammocks....

SEPTEMBER 12, 2003
 *Since around March 1st, I've spent countless hours and around $2,500 tearing down the old building piece by piece and hauling all the debris away in my utility trailer to the local recycling center, 2.5 miles away.

The other day, as I'm finally nearing my long anticipated goal of getting rid of that last piece of C&D, my next door neighbors stopped by to introduce themselves and to give me kudos for my efforts. Upon seeing my trailer loaded with the debris, I was asked, "By the way, what are you doing with all that stuff?"

It was then I was informed they had a bottomless pit in their backyard that needed fill, (one block up the street) and that I could dump anything in it, except trash: This meant that for the past 5 months I could have been hauling all that junk a minute away and for nothing!!

My only response was, "Where the hell have you been the past year?!?!?!??

Anyway, I feel as though I did more cleaning in the next five days than I accomplished in those five months. The yard is indeed cleared - except for the two concrete chimney piers, which will require a backhoe. So I'm ready to start working on the inside once I get caught up $$-wise.