The Incinolet Toilet
(Written March 1, 2011 - Amended Sep. 15, 2011)

On December 18, 2010, I finally got around to purchasing and installing an Incinolet incinerating-type toilet to replace the Envirolet composting system that I had been using from the very beginning - about 5 years of use.

From my own personal experience with both of these systems, I offer the following comments and observations:

The Envirolet Toilet served me well; however, over time, it became tiring tending to its maintenance - mainly the cleaning and emptying, etc.

Further, none of my friends or acquaintances ever accepted this system (they refused to use it!) because they were "turned-off" by the fact that the excrement was so obvious - staring them right in the face - when the lid was lifted.  Thus, their visits were brief, unless they opted to use the woods out back.  LOL

Lastly, the unit required that the fan be running 24/7/365 to carry away odors and it was difficult to judge just when the heating element needed to be turned on.

The fixture was also very bulky.
Enter the Incinolet.

Without a doubt this is probably at the top of the list of the best investments I've made in the cabin!  I've been using the toilet now for 9 months and absolutely love it.  Albeit, it is a pricey appliance at $1,800.00, but still a lot cheaper, at about a tenth of the cost of a septic system.  It was simple to install and it is simple to operate.

The only issue I have with the toilet is that the required replacement bowl liners are very expensive.  However, I've completely usurped this problem by making my own liners using off-the-shelf wax paper rolls.

To give you an example:  From the company, 200 liners cost $30, or 15¢ each.  For the same exact $30, I bought a case of 24 rolls of waxed paper from which I can make 52 liners per roll, or 1,248 liners per case, which equates to 2¢/liner.  Doing the math it's a savings of about $187!

And it takes me less that 45 minutes to cut, form, and glue the liners (from one roll).  I do this while listening to NPR.............
1.  Yes, my electric bill has gone up, but not to the point where it is not affordable.
2.  Contrary to popular uninformed allegations one reads on the internet, there is absolutely no odor associated with the use of this system, either indoors or out. And, when used properly per owner instructions, it is safe, comfortable, and efficient to use.
3.  I empty the ash pan around every two weeks or so, and it is indeed clean and similar to ashes you'd find in a wood stove.

I cannot speak highly enough about this toilet.  I find it to be the perfect solution to alternative waterless waste disposal.
Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions you might have about this sytem
Box of 200 liners from Incinolet company - $30
Case of wax paper rolls on eBay for 1,248 liners - $30.

Incinolet Liner on the left.
Mine on the right.
Function, fit, and burn perfectly.