In the Beginning........
Interior - July 2003
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Picture does not show new wall between bath and kitchen.
Right to left: fridge, sink base, drawer base with 2-burner electric cook-top (not shown).
Wall starts where broom is leaning. This wall creates location of kitchen storage.

Living Room
A closet will be created to left of pine desk at left. Woodstove (center of back wall) will sit on brick hearth.
Right wall, by lampshade, will get a new window, and a space heater will be installed under it.
Corner unit is for TV and stereo, etc. Couch is love-seat size, and no, it does not convert to a bed.

Shower and vanity/sink are not shown.  Composting toilet sits next to washing machine.
I found a 24"x36" Fiat mop sink base that I will use for the shower pan.
A cabinet is temporarily sitting on top of washer.Ladder leads up to a sleeping loft,
 large enough for a queen size futon and lots of clothes.
A new ladder is under construction.