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 Mark at 11 years old.
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Mark Himebaugh
Missing Child
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NCIC #M531019515
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On November 25, 1991, then-11-year-old Mark Himebaugh vanished without a trace
from the area of his home in Cape May County, New Jersey.
To this day, Mark's whereabouts and fate are unknown.

Mark lived with his mother and his older brother, Matthew, in Sunray Beach, a quiet, rural neighborhood located along the Delaware Bay in the Middle Township section of Cape May County.

Mark had just returned home from school at 3 p.m. on that Monday afternoon before Thanksgiving when a small brush fire broke out not too far from the house. Mark obtained permission from his mom to go watch the fire. It is assumed that Mark set out on foot and trekked along the bay front to watch the excitement of the fire trucks and firemen; shortly, Mark was seen walking toward the house as his mom was backing the car out of the driveway to run an errand. She told Mark she'd be right back, to which Mark replied, "O.K., mom". Those were his last words...........

His mom's errand would normally have taken about 5 minutes. However, due to the fire, traffic was being detoured, and the trip took nearly 40 minutes. When Mark's mom arrived home, there was no indication that Mark had gone into the house - it was taken for granted that he was playing somewhere in the neighborhood, as he usually did.

In the hours and days immediately following Mark's disappearance, investigators learned that Mark was seen entering a neighborhood park with a little girl at about 3:40 p.m., or shortly after he talked with his mom. (To date, the identity of the little girl has not been determined.)

Read a detailed news article written by Star Ledger Staff Writer Robin Gaby Fisher on December 15, 2002

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Mark will be 30 years old as of May 23, 2010

Mark's Date of Birth: 5/23/80; Place of Birth: Cape May County, NJ
White Male, Blue Eyes, Red Hair, Freckles
At time of disappearance: Height: 4'6", Weight: 85 lbs., Medium Build
Wearing: Blue sweatshirt, gray Docker-style pants, gray jacket, white sneakers

Anyone having any information regarding Mark's disappearance is asked to contact the
Middle Township Police Department
The New Jersey State Police

More information about missing children can be obtained from:
The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, Arlington, VA
Click here to see the NCMEC poster of Mark

and from


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Mark's disappearance,
and/or wish to discuss the case,
let us know  via e-mail.

We ask that you continue to pray for Mark's safe return
and for the strength needed to find him.

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