In Loving
Memory of
Mark Himebaugh
on his 22nd birthday
May 23, 2002

Your age has doubled since we hugged you last
So many memories, but all from the past.
We remember with love the Memorial Holiday you were born
but our "hearts", they remain, forever torn.......

You disappeared one winter day
So near the playground where you played.
'Twas not your choice, but some strange fate
We miss you so, but we still wait.

We wait for you, we're staying strong;
We know you'd want us to hold on.
Eleven years was all we had,
We cherish them, but we're still sad.

Our love for you will never cease,
You've given us an inner peace.
An inner peace, a special strength
That tells us you're O.K.
We hope and pray you're safe out there, or -
If chosen - in Heaven far away.

An answer - yes - we must have one
To end this pain Our Little One.

We Love and Miss You,
Your Mom, Maureen, and
Your Brother Matthew.

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