This is an RV Conversion I'm Considering

1963 Studebaker Postal Zip Van

Would this unit be considered a Class a ?  

I believe the white panel on the side opens out flat to allow you to extend your feet outside when you sleep. Instead, I was thinking about securing slats across the roof racks and putting a mattress up there.  Note: To qualify for membership in the Family Motor Coach Association - FMCA - "........ the (motorhome's) driver's seat must be accessible in a walking position from the living quarters". Now if I put the mattress on the roof, I suppose I could install a fold-down ladder like the kind going to the attic in one's home.

Hmmmm...or maybe that panel is the awning(?).

Another modification to save space is to replace the driver's seat with a porta-potti with a cushioned lid. For convenience, too - no need to pull over.

The front bumper is hollow and serves as the holding tank for pee. You can see the two gauges along the top of the bumper - "yellow" indicating that the tank is Full. Not sure yet how I will hook up driver to bumper, but "comfort" will be foremost in the design of this device.

The two parallel bars seen on the windshield serve as the 'level' indicators. Straight up & down (plumb) means rig is on even ground. This rig is leaning - notice the accuracy of the gauges.

The 'dump' pipe is in front of the rear tire. Emptying is done while on the road - the rear wheel/tire takes care of macerating the effluent and no one is the wiser. Note: Left rear mudflap must be maintained and checked regularly.

The trapezoidal shaped device in the front of the RV is the solar panel. To be effective, the vehicle must be driven east in the morning and in a westerly direction around sunset.  Being solar powered, this RV can not be driven at night. (The false headlights are for state inspection only. When kicked from the inside, they pop out and allow for emergency stopping in case of brake failure. Think 'Flintstones'.)

The previous owner was very innovative in that he created a Satellite TV antenna that resembles a rear view mirror on the side of the chassis.

Finally, that's not really a flat tire in the front. The extra rim is used for campfires. It's just a convenient place to store it!

Another option is to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the unit which will provide more room.
Oval tires would have to be replaced with round ones.

I envision pulling into a campground and a troupe of clowns jumps out!

In the off-season, the RV could be used to
sell ice cream, or, better yet, deliver firewood.